Speaker date Title audio
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Pastor Scalfani 04/20/2019 The Relevance of the Resurrection audio
Mark Herscher 04/13/2019 Be Strong in the Lord audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 04/06/2019 Christ's Defeat of Satan audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 03/30/2018 The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob audio YouTube
Luke Herscher 03/23/2019 How Are You Saved? audio YouTube It's About the Cross (the video presented at the end of this sermon)
Pastor Scalfani 03/16/2019 New Creatures in Christ audio YouTube
Sherman Hong 03/09/2019 The Way of Life audio YouTube download sermon transcript here:
Mike Flick 03/02/2019 Do You Believe? audio YouTube
Pastor Rocky Gale 02/23/2019 In One Hour audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 02/16/2019 Large Barns Make Poor Dead Souls audio YouTube
Mark Herscher 02/09/2019 When Judas Changed His Mind audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 02/02/2019 The Not- So- Simple Call to Follow Jesus audio YouTube
Luke Herscher 01/26/2019 Sermon on the Mount part 13 audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/19/2019 The Gospel of Discipleship audio YouTube
Mike Plant 01/12/2019 The Race audio YouTube
Pastor Scalfani 01/05/2019 I Surrender to God audio YouTube