Presenter  Date  Title
Bangs, Larry 06/14/0214 The Power of Your Words
Bilan, Pastor Ben 12/06/2014 The Birth of Christ: A Big Picture
Bilan, Pastor Ben 10/25/2014 Rejected. Killed. Raised.
Bilan, Pastor Ben 11/01/2014 The Promise
Bilan, Pastor Ben 10/18/2014 Power and Authority
Bilan, Pastor Ben 10/11/2014 The Fall Reversed
Bilan, Pastor Ben 10/04/2014 More than Example
Bilan, Pastor Ben 09/27/2014 The Son of Man
Bilan, Pastor Ben 09/20/2014 The Eternal Son
Bilan, Pastor Ben 09/13/2014 The Everlasting Gospel
Bilan, Pastor Ben 09/06/2014 Doubts
Bilan, Pastor Ben 08/16/2014 He Must Increase
Bilan, Pastor Ben 07/05/2014 Trust and Depend on Him
Bilan, Pastor Ben 06/21/2014 Gethsemane
Bilan, Pastor Ben 05/17/2014 The Power of Two
Bilan, Pastor Ben 05/03/2014 The Dry Bones
Bilan, Pastor Ben 04/19/2014 A Servant
Bilan, Pastor Ben 03/15/2014 Renamed
Bilan, Pastor Ben 03/01/2014 See a Need, Fill a Need
Bilan, Pastor Ben 02/15/2014 The Race of Faith
Bilan, Pastor Ben 02/01/2014 Transformed to Serve
Bilan, Pastor Ben 01/18/2014 Caleb- A Different Attitude
Bilan, Pastor Ben  01/04/2014  David: A Loyal Heart
Buster, Lisa 07/26/2014 Praise Concert
Davis, Paul 03/29/2014 Dental Hygiene and Salvation
Davis, Wendell 11/29/2014 Your Heart's Desire
Davis, Wendell 07/12/2014 Who are You?
Davis, Wendell 03/29/2014 Dental Hygiene and Salvation
Davis, Wendell 01/11/2014 The Miracle at Jericho
Gale, Pastor Rocky 05/31/2014 His Coming is Sure- RU?
Gibson, Ty 04/05/2014 Deep Wounds Deeper Healing
Herscher, Luke 08/30/2014 Jesus, the Supreme Sacrifice
Herscher, Luke 04/12/2014 Esther Part V
Herscher, Luke 03/22/2014 Esther Part IV
Herscher, Luke 03/08/2014 Esther Part III
Herscher, Luke 02/08/2014 Esther Part II
Herscher, Luke 01/25/2014 Esther God's Providence Part I
Herscher, Mark 12/27/2014 Paul's Final Message
Herscher, Mark 08/23/2014 Noah and His Friends
Herscher, Mark 07/19/2014 The Blessing That Nobody Wants
Herscher, Mark 04/26/2014 Heavenly Heartburn
Herscher, Mark 02/22/2014 Fruit
Ikonne, Samuel 06/28/2014 The Shaking
Knight, Jim 12/13/2014 Faith Times Seven
Mohr, Calvin 05/10/2014 The Coming King
Rogers, Kenton 08/02/2014 His Love, His Merit, His Great Mercy
Rossman, Steven 08/09/2014 From Rock Bottom To Freedom
Sherman, Darla 12/20/2014 The Gift is in the Promise
Torquato, John 05/24/2014 An Appetite for God