Sermons and Talks 2019

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Date Title Presenter
2020-01-04 Lord, Use Me Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-12-28 Behold I Make All Things New Sherman Hong Play
2019-12-21 The True Christmas Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-12-14 Friends Luke Herscher Play
2019-12-07 In the Presence of the King Pastor David Schwinghammer Play
2019-11-30 Radical Thanksgiving Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-11-23 The Most Dangerous Word in the Bible Luke Herscher Play
2019-11-16 Spiritual and Emotional Maturity Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-11-09 The Lost and Found Department Mike Plant Play
2019-11-02 The Touch of Faith Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-10-26 Are God's Promises Broken? Tony Clifton Play
2019-10-19 Baptism and the New Life Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-10-12 Truth or Consequences Mark Herscher Play
2019-10-05 100519 2 pm workshop Dale Goodson Play
2019-10-05 The Promise The Mission and The Man Who Couldn't Count Past Two Dale Goodson Play
2019-09-28 Just Add Water Mark Herscher Play
2019-09-21 A Story of Dependence Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-20 Home at Last Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-19 A People of Prophecy Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-18 The Rise of Mystery Babylon Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-16 How Can I Have a New Start in Life? Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-15 What is the Mark of the Beast in the Book of Reveation? Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-14 Does God Really Burn People in Hell Forever? Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-14 Back to the Beginning Pastor Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-13 Can the Dead Speak to Us? Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-12 Finding Rest in Today's Society Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-11 A Moral Compass Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-09 What Went Wrong With the Christian Religion? Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-08 The Battle of Faith Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-07 The Map to the Throne Room Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-07 The Truth of Two's Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-09-06 The Ultimate King Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-05 Prophecy's Signs of the Times Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-04 What Does the Future Hold? Daniel Pel Play
2019-09-03 Revealing the War Behind All Wars Daniel Pel Play
2019-08-31 The Quest Sherman Hong Play
2019-08-24 How to Deal With Fear Luke Herscher Play
2019-08-17 Why We Are Here Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-08-10 If You Can Believe... Tony Clifton Play
2019-08-03 You're Fired Dave Nicholas Play
2019-07-27 How to Deal With Sickness Luke Herscher Play
2019-07-20 What are You Looking for in Jesus? Samuel Ikonne Play
2019-07-13 An Attitude of Gratitude Lyndon Kruse Play
2019-07-06 The Covenant Keeping God Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-06-29 Jesus Lifts Me Up Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-06-22 Cultural Benchmarks of Jesus Christ Mark Herscher Play
2019-06-15 Christ is the Source of True Freedom Pastor Andre Scalfani Play
2019-06-08 The Stoning of Stephen Luke Herscher Play
2019-06-01 Releasing the Net Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-05-25 The Right Attitude Sherman Hong Play
2019-05-19 Dragons and Dinosaurs Stan Hudson Play
2019-05-19 A Call to Worship the God of Genesis Stan Hudson Play
2019-05-19 The Flood Stan Hudson Play
2019-05-11 Sweet Revenge Mike Plant Play
2019-05-04 Encountering God Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-04-27 How to Age with the Lord Luke Herscher Play
2019-04-20 The Relevance of the Resurrection Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-04-13 Be Strong in the Lord Mark Herscher Play
2019-04-06 Christ's Defeat of Satan Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-03-30 The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-03-23 How Are You Saved? Luke Herscher Play
2019-03-16 New Creatures in Christ Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-03-09 The Way of Life Sherman Hong Play
2019-03-02 Do You Believe? Mike Flick Play
2019-02-23 In One Hour Pastor Rocky Gale Play
2019-02-16 Large Barns Make Poor Dead Souls Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-02-09 When Judas Changed His Mind Mark Herscher Play
2019-02-02 The Not- So- Simple Call to Follow Jesus Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-01-26 Sermon on the Mount part 13 Luke Herscher Play
2019-01-19 The Gospel of Discipleship Pastor Scalfani Play
2019-01-12 The Race Mike Plant Play
2019-01-05 I surrender to God Pastor Scalfani Play